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YOI ♥ Way to surprise you
fuckyeah wrote in eager_mcbeaver
50 icons from the anime/manga Escaflowne

And since I know it's going to be commented on, the reason there's so many Hitomi icons is because I roleplay her and these have been building up. I seriously didn't realize I had this many.

- Comment
- Credit
- Enjoy

if i had any use for escaflowne icons i'd take whole bunches of these. especially sch-wing, it makes me giggle

HAhahaha. Love your sense of humor! I saved a whole bunch of them to use later. Will most definitely credit when I do. ^_^

I love the van/hitomi icons!
I took most of them! :D
great icons!

XD The Van/Hitomi AIM box one had me in a fit of giggles, I had to take it, Will credit when I use.

Loooove #29. Hahaha.

Also, I don't get #2. How is that a plot hole?

Not sure about #2, but it still makes me laugh,
because there's a most excellent parody that floats around conventions called
"Nescaflowne" (with many coffee jokes). It explains the plot of the show
better than the show itself... Instead of Fate, there's the Plot,
and Hitomi has the power to create Holes in the Plot. XD

Stealing "Sch-wing" and "Disappointment", because they make me laugh. XD
I probably won't ever even get to use them... but I love them.

Omg XDD Schwing XDD stealing~

AWESOME. Escaflowne is so rarely iconned!

Where did you get those doujin images btw, they're so pretty!

If you like Escaflowne icons you should check out these 2 posts, they have very pretty icons :)
1)Post 1 Movie Icons
2)Post 2 TV Series Icons

These are wonderful. You did a great job coloring and sharpening them. I'm very impressed =D I am taking the escaflowneim icon, will credit my dear.

Yay Esca. icons!

I really should post here, huh. :P;

wow, these are all sooooooooooo gorgeous! Taking a few, will credit of course.

These are some of the best Esca icons I've ever seen. Way to go!!

If you don't mind, I was wondering about some of the sources for this. A lot of them are doujinshi/fanart images that I've never seen and I'd love to be pointed in their direction! :D thanks!

Absolutely wonderful.

If you should ever compile a resource list for where you find your non-anime images (a lot of these are from some doujinshi I recognize), I'd love to see that. :)

Aaaahahaha, the AIM one is HILARIOUS. I also like the "sch-wing" one and the "plot hole" one. :D